Yeah, You Got This!

I’ve been on this writing journey for longer than I care to admit. It wasn’t until 2004 when I rediscovered my love of writing and finally put pen to paper. (Yeah, I’m old school.) Since then, I’ve written five manuscripts (two picture books, two Young Adult, and one Middle Grade), started many others, and published four short stories.

There are MANY bumps, dips and cracks along this road and the biggest pothole is fear. The fear of the blank page. That you’ll never finish the first, second, or sixth draft. The fear that no one will like your writing. That you’ll never be published. The fear you’ll never get an agent . . . land a book deal . . . sell a book to anyone other than your mom . . . get a second book deal . . . receive positive reviews . . . never have a full-time writing career . . . It’s enough to make your brain explode.

And this is why I need to get out of my head and back into my heart. There’s a LOT I can’t control, but what I can do is write, read, and write some more. And I can also celebrate my successes:

I SIGNED WITH AN AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

As of July 31, 2019, I’m officially represented by Ronald Gerber at Lowenstein Associates!!!

Yes, there will be much more work and many bumps ahead, but for NOW, let me dance with joy, relishing all the congratulations from family and friends, and bask in the glow of this major writing milestone.

Don’t ever give up on yourself and your dreams. Persistence is key. Yeah, you got this!